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The final hits of Summer

The final hits of Summer

Timbers Stirrin' it up. Photo by Sean Murphy

Timbers Stirrin’ it up.
Photo by Sean Murphy

It’s been a very busy summer! FCDG has been away at games almost every weekend, with barely a chance to catch our breath. Here’s a recap of the last month!

The SMASH-down in Alliston saw the Luscious Lunch Ladies rematch with the Fergus Feims (Area 705 Roller Derby) and the Timber Rollers take on the Misfit Militia. Heavy hits, marked by some big injuries, the adventure in Alliston ended up with the first game called at 90 for the Lunch Ladies and 250 for the Fergus Feims. The Timbers battled hard against the Misfit Militia ending with a final score of 97 to the Militia’s 441.

The following weekend saw the Lunchies take on Kingston’s Rogue Warriors out in Peterborough, ON. The Ladies returned victorious with a win of 199 to the Rogue Warriors 107.

LLL vs Kingston Rogue Warriors in Peterborough 2014

The Lunchies say “Warriors… Come out and playaaaay.”

In between all the travelling and playing, FCDG managed to show their pride in London’s Pride Parade!

Just a smattering of the #forestcityderbygirls strutting their stuff! #pridelondon #ldnont #canadaslondon #rollerderby #rainbowlove

No nudity was actually involved, but we can’t show it here.

Then, the Timber Rollers faced off against Hamilton’s Eh! Team and the Calgary Roller Derby Association All Stars in the inaugural Maple Stir-up Tournament. Four travel teams played 2 WFTDA sanctioned games over the day. The Timbers gave and left everything on the track. Injuries including cracked ribs and a broken ankle did not stop the Timbers fight for every point on the board. Final scores were 214-127 for Hammer City and 474-61 for Calgary.

You can watch the archived boutcast here!

Timbers go hard with the Hammer!

Timbers go hard with the Hammer!


Finally, FCDG rounded out the summer victorious, coming home with 2 wins from the Border City Brawlers Roller Derby Season Closer in Windsor. The Timber Rollers came out on top with the final score of 158-101 and the B Line took their win at 172-114.

B-Line Activating!  Photo by Lance Hardwood Photos

B-Line Activating!
Photo by Lance Hardwood Photos

Timbers brawlin' Photo by db Photography

Timbers brawlin’
Photo by db Photography
















The Timber Rollers will be headed to Kingston on September 6th and then the Forest City Derby Girls are healing up and getting ready to rock their season opener on October 25th back at the Western Fair Agriplex!



August 20th, 2014

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