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gofundme for Vegangelical

gofundme for Vegangelical

If you aren’t already aware this past Saturday, Feb. 7th, one of our league sisters answered a call alerting her to her apartment smoking. She arrived home to see black smoke and flames devouring her place. London Area Firefigthers were already on seen with three injured 45 seconds after entering the apartment due to a flashover pushing the three back out of the apartment door.

Fearing for only a few worldly possessions this animal lover yearned mostly for her dog, Roland, and cat, Beans to survive the fire. Sadly, her kitty that loved poms poms and playing with Roland was not found, but Roland was taken to the Emergency Vet and treated. He was released earlier today and is enjoying kisses and snuggles with Arica (Vegangelical).

The most amazing part of the day was the will Arica had to play with the FCDG B-Line Activate that same day. The league came together and found everything she needed to play derby, right down to a new shirt and shiny leopard print leggings. To say he has strength of heart is an understatement. Gladly, FCDG won both of the games that evening, not for the team but for our league sister.

If you don’t know Arica a.k.a Vegangelical a.k.a HerbivROAR, is an all around life loving lady. Playing with the Luscious Lunch Ladies last season and now the Thames Fatales for 2015. She comes to practice with the yearning to learn. She wants to know derby like she knows veganism. P.S. she can pretty much answer any questions about living a cruelty free, plant based life so we mean to say she really really wants to know everything about derby and how she can get better. FCDG has proudly seen her go from a timid player to someone that can time fantastic hits and draw a jammer back. With every practice she gets better and we cannot wait to see what another year of training at FCDG will do to her on-track skills.

Her hair may change color more than most people’s clothes but you can always count on her for a warm attitude and a smile.

FCDG wants to thank its fans for showing goodwill at our bout on Saturday. We had a raffle bucket, deemed “The Love Bucket” we had planned on raffling off for the league, but instead wanted everything to go to Arica. During our double header we raised just shy of $600! We want to thank everyone that contributed no matter the size of your contribution, every dollar is a dollar closer to helping Arica rebuild her life.

FCDG extends another thank you to everyone that has contributed to the gofundme account set up earlier today. In 15 hours we have reached donations totaling $2355 with donations trickling in from all over the derby community.

Last, but not least, is the London Professional Fire Fighters Association. Thank you for risking your lives everyday, not just for the structures, but for the lives you save and hearts you touch. We wish the three injured men speedy recovery and many thanks and blessing to all the firefighters involved in stopping the spread of the Clarence Street Fire and their families. Specifically to the firefighters that pulled Roland out of the burning apartment we send a BIG FCDG hug. Roland is a nervous nelly known for hiding in derby bags and making himself scarce when new people come around. He is not a big guy so it was a blessing that he was found alive and was treated quickly.

To say that FCDG is thankful is not nearly enough because FCDG is Family, so by helping Arica rebuild you are helping FCDG rebuild. When one falls we all fall just long enough to catch each other.

Filled with Derby Love, FCDG, Vegangelical and her cutie of a dog, Roland, say, “Thank you.”

Roland & Arica


February 9th, 2015

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