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Season finale success!

Season finale success!

We couldn’t have said it better than our incredible friend at Jammer Line Magazine, so… we’re not going to.  
Thanks to ALL our super fans and volunteers for a wonderful home season.   The Thames Fatales will be on their way to Beast of the East in Montreal at the end of April, and the Timbers Rollers will be on the road all summer.  Keep checking our event schedule for more FCDG events coming soon!
A great evening of flat track action in London at the Western Fair Canada Building for the Forest City Derby Girls’ Home Closer with the Hammer City Roller Girls.

The first game with the Timber Rollers and Hammer City Eh! Team was a chance for the Timber Rollers to redeem their 214-127 loss to Hammer City at last year’s Maple Stir-Up Tournament. The Timber Rollers saw their main three lines take the track with Jammers #9 Jewel C Starz, #42 Torque E Mada and #17 Low Key being in top form. The Eh! Team saw veteran player K9, Scooby Doom, take on duties as Jammer in her first game in that role and she performed with the same intensity that she is always known for as did the rest of the core of Hammer City’s Eh! Team. The point spread between both teams was tight through the first period with each team coming out ahead at different points and even some tie game moments and at halftime the score was even at 82-82. Second period action saw the same give and take through 30mins of play but in the end the night belonged to the Timber Rollers and they took the victory 177-133.

The second game saw the Thames Fatales take on the Hammer City Harlots and there were some surprises in the debut of #110 Sewer Princess and #25 Linsanity for the Fatales (both players had been team mates for London Middlesex). #27 for The Fatales, Candy Pain, also saw her debut in her first ever full contact bout. Most will have seen Candy doing NSO Duties at Forest City Games and she played strongly and even took on duties as a Jammer. Sewer Princess truly showed her skill as a Jammer and she is a player to watch and will be rising up the ranks quickly to be a formidable player when Forest City begins their away game stretch this season. The Harlots meanwhile saw the return of #45 Miss Carriage to their ranks after she was sidelined last season due to injury and it was great to see her back in action once again. By halftime The Harlots had the lead 132-52. Second Period action saw The Fatales’ #74 Screamsicle Foul Out early on and The Harlots continued their push skating to a 237-110 Victory.

The night was truly memorable and Forest City now has the foundation it needs as they start their away game arc and it will be interesting to watch the rest of the season unfold for them as they meet new challenges. But for their Home Closer, they can be proud of putting on a great double header and capping off what has been a great Home Season.

Check out photos from the evening, also courtesy of Jammer Line Magazine.


March 17th, 2015

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